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Information Sets in focus within this Webinar included Descriptive, Procedural, Crew and IPD.

What information sets need to be written, starts with contracted requirements – What level of maintenance is being peformed on equipment and is maintenance being performed by the end customer or OEM.

All systems need to be “described” so there will always be some Descriptive Data Modules.  If there are “maintenance steps”, then there will need to be some type of Procedural Data Module. If you needs steps to “operate” something, then you will need Crew. If there are complex systems, with break-out diagrams, IPD will be used.

Make sure writers who are used to working in page and book structure are educated to the new method of breakdown and thinking.

This webinar included reviewing classic chapter/book structure for a Software user guide and how that could be broken down into different Data Module types in S1000D, for real-world examples of use.

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