Australia, my home. It’s on fire for most of the year, bursting with creatures that can’t wait to kill me and buying milk involves a 2 hour flight (if you’re lucky).

January 26th is Australia Day, the day our country acknowledges the day the English arrived, decided they liked the place and would keep it as a fixer upper. A few hundred years later, we celebrate our country and diverse culture with meat and beer while trying not to get bitten, eaten or stung by the local critters.

The 26th is a Saturday, however Aussie’s are the master of the long weekend, subsequently the Monday is a public holiday. This gives me three long hot days to relax and reflect on how lucky I am to live on this massive, amazing Island.  We have the best beaches, world class wine and the Great Barrier Reef. Surrounded by the sea, our borders are protected by crocodiles and white sharks. We care little for politics and even less for politicians. On my Island, gun crime is rare and ‘live and let live’ is our motto.

Subsequently on the 26th, I will gaze through the BBQ smoke, pat the family kangaroo and ponder the big issues awaiting me when back in the office on Tuesday. Shorts or flip flops? Tee shirt or perhaps a loud Hawaiian? Did I feed the goanna?

If you’re ever down under, let the ADG crew show you around. We will throw a prawn (no it’s not a shrimp) on the BBQ and introduce you to the locals, they are always hungry!


Happy Australia Day!
The ADG Team
Australia (Not Austria)