R4i Review Cycle Training

The R4i Review Cycle Course focuses on QA process that can be used either during development of content or before content is issued to the end users.

R4i ReViewer is the licensed component of R4i Viewer and in this course we look at the Review Cycle component only.

R4i ReViewer can connect to the content in either Online, connecting directly to the CSDB, or Offline, a generated IETP. Both options provides QA (internal and external) to view content, add comments and view responses that have been included.

In this training you will focus on:

  • How to configure you Settings;
  • Set Review Mode and open files;
  • Highlight content and add comments;
  • In Online Mode:
    • How to sync comments into the CSDB to allow Authors to add responses;
    • How to sync responses from the CSDB after Authors have viewed comments;
  • In Offline Mode:
    • How to send Comments to the supplier and import into the CSDB;
    • How Authors can add responses;
    • How Responses can be viewed in an updated IETP;

For more detailed information about the R4i ReViewer Review Cycle Training Course, click here.