Publishing – System Administrators

The Publishing Course (System Administrators) provides guidance on how to generate the final delivery of content to the end customer. The methods available are:

  • IETP;
  • PDF.

In the Publishing Course we will look at what is required to achieve your delivery requirements and, when generating IETP, how you can verify that the information is valid and fully operational.

R4i Binder

For the PDF creation we look at how to use R4i Binder to build the book structure and understanding how the book structure and the stylesheet works together.

R4i CSDB Professional Media Generator

For the IETP creation we look at how to use R4i CSDB Media Generator to build the IETP and the features and functions that are required in the IETP. The options available for the IETP creation can be:

  • DDN (Data Delivery);
  • IETP for native HTML;
  • IETP for Android;
  • IETP for R4i Viewer.

R4i Viewer

Once the IETP has been created, before it can be issued to any End Users, you must verify that the IETP is working correctly. For this you need to open the IETP with R4i Viewer and open content to verify that all functions are working correctly. For this you will look at:

  • Launching the IETP;
  • Verifying that the Splash, Disclaimer, Splash and Landing Page are working correctly;
  • Verifying that the search (full and quick) are working correctly;
  • Check that the DMC Filter, if enabled, is fully operational;
  • Alerts display;
  • Content is displayed correctly in the Document Window.

R4i ReViewer Link Validator

R4i ReViewer Link Validator allows you to verify that all required content is linking correctly. With this you will generate an IETP and then launch the Link Validator. In the training you will focus on what options are available and how to enable different options. At the completion you will be able to see the results of the check. Before the IETP is deployed to the customer the results should show that all links are working correctly.


In addition to the above training we also include the uploading of IETPs to R4i CDMS. This function is included as part of the Media Generator. This section is optional depending if you have implemented R4i CDMS.

For more detailed information about the Publishing Course for System Administrators, click here.

Publishing – Authors

The Publishing Course (Authors) provides guidance on how to use R4i Binder to produce PDF books for internal purposes. This will look at how you can produce the required book structure for the publication and how to enable auto-generated files such as TOC, LEP. Included in this course you will find out how to save your book structure and how to launch the book ready for you to produce another revision of the PDF.

For more detailed information about the R4i Publishing Course for Authors, click here.