R4i CSDB Standard 

This course is perfect for Illustrators and Authors. It will focus on how you can Check In/Check Out/Add from within the CSDB.

R4i CSDB Standard is the tool that Illustrators and Authors, when not using R4i Writer or R4i WorkSpace, will use. This allows the users to access information that is stored in the CSDB so that you can check out/check in/Add content but does not have the full R4i CSDB Professional functions.

For authors using programs such as Adobe FrameMaker or Arbortext Editor, the content stored within the CSDB is accessed via R4i WorkSpace.

If you are using R4i Writer, you will not need R4i CSDB Standard and should refer to the R4i Authoring Course.

For more detailed information about the R4i CSDB Client Standard Course, click here.

R4i Task Management

Task Management provides Project Managers to assign tasks to the Illustrators and Authors and in this session you will look how to view and update tasks in R4i Task View – With R4i Task Manager (web deployment) training your focus will be on how to see the tasks that have been assigned to you, how to update the task in the R4i Task Manager Portal and how to Check out/Check in the required files.

For more detailed information about the R4i Task Manager Authors Course, click here.