System Administrators

The System Administrators training covers all components that are available for the R4i Product Suite. The areas that are covered include:

  • CSDB Management;
  • Task Management;
  • IETP Deployment and Rule Building.

R4i CSDB System Management 

With R4i CSDB Client Professional, training needs to focus on the administration of the system. In this training we look at all of the tools that are part of the R4i CSDB Professional that you will use for the management of your project.

In this training you will look at:

  • General management of the R4i CSDB Client Professional;
  • Data Module Management for the creation of all new data modules;
  • Fault Code Management for the creation of fault codes when you may not be required to use the fault schema but you still want to be able to direct users, in the IETP, to fault resolution information.

If you are an Illustrator or an Author you will need the R4i CSDB Standard Training.

For more detailed information about the R4i CSDB System Managers Course, click here.

R4i Task Management

With R4i Task Manager (web deployment), you have the ability to configure your projects and the workflow that is to be implemented.

In this you will look at:

  • Product Licensing and how this works;
  • Task States and how you can configure these to suite your requirements;
  • Email Group Management;
  • Management of CSDB Connections, Projects and Users.

For more detailed information about the R4i Task Manager Project Managers Course, click here.


R4i CDMS Management

R4i CDMS provides the management of the IETP deployment and Rule Building of your R4i Viewer and R4i MobieTP IETPs.

In this course we look at:

  • How to provision your IETPs and Change Packages to the end users;
  • Deployment of the R4i MobieTP application for your Android tablets;
  • How you can send messages to R4i MobieTP;
  • Node Control, Rule Management and R4i Web Connector Management;
  • How to build rules that will manage the deployment of your IETPs to the nodes.

For more detailed information about the R4i CDMS Rules Builder Course, click here.

Project Managers

Project Managers training focuses on the tools that you need to make sure that you can get your project delivered. The areas that you will work with are:

R4i Task Management

In this you will look at how to assign tasks to your Authors and Illustrators and view the current status on any tasks that have been assigned.

For more detailed information about the R4i Task Manager System Managers Course, click here.

R4i IPD Manager

R4i IPD Manager provides you with the ability to create IPD data modules from your engineering source content. In this training we will look at:

  • Configuration of IPD Manager;
  • Mapping;
  • Generation of IPD data modules.

For more detailed information about the R4i IPD Manager Course, click here.