ILS/IPS practitioners need to be trained in effective and efficient use of the software tools used to support their development and management of the support solution across the life cycle.

Pennant’s world class ILS/IPS software suite includes two primary tools: The OmegaPS LSAR software and OmegaPS Analyzer. Pennant offers a wide range of training to enable practitioners to effectively and confidently apply these tools to their needs.


Pennant’s OmegaPS LSAR is a world class ILS/IPS software tool that enables and captures the data related to LSA/PSA. It core capability functions in compliance with a number of international standards including MILSTD 1388-2b, SAE GEIASTD-0007, ASD S3000L, DEFSTAN 00-600 and DEF AUST 5692. The core functionality is complemented by a number of additional modules and utilities/tools to provide a tailored and capable toolset for our customers. Click here for further details.

Pennant offers a wide range of OmegaPS LSAR training from basic to advanced, including training for system administrators. These training courses include (for more detail see the linked course description):


OmegaPS Analyzer

Analyzer complements and can be linked with the OmegaPS LSAR to provide a support and use model of a distributed equipment and of the support system for them. It conducts Life Cycle Costing, Level of Repair, and Sparing analyses, and provides modelling and simulation capabilities to examine availability and to confirm sensitivity and risk. Click here for further details.

Pennant offers a number of training options to prepare customer to use this tool effectively, including (for more detail see the linked course description):

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