Pennant’s Structured and Unstructured Adobe® FrameMaker training can be class room based on your site or on our site.  If class room training is not for you, we also offer some of our courses as Instructor-led Virtual training as detailed in the PDF outlines below.

Adobe FrameMaker Courses

FrameMaker – Introduction Training

FrameMaker – The Essential Course

FrameMaker – Importing Exporting SGML or XML

FrameMaker – Formatting Structured Documents

FrameMaker – Defining Structure EDDs and Conversion Tables

FrameMaker – Authoring Structured Documents

FrameMaker – Advanced Training

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Training courses are available for Adobe FrameMaker 2017 through to Adobe FrameMaker 2020. The topics and outlines vary slightly depending on the version of Adobe FrameMaker that training is required in.  Please request the outline for the specific version you are working with.

Training can also be tailored to your specific requirements – ask our Training Team about a custom Adobe FrameMaker course today!