Utilized by subject matter experts and technical personnel, Skills Studio is a unique forms-based authoring environment that guides the author through the content creation process.

Features include:  

  • Easy authoring through the use of templates, so authors can focus on the content. 
  • Faster authoring – create reusable, interactive courseware 23% faster than MS Word or PowerPoint.
  • SCORM conformanceSkills M5 has currently been tested as compliant to SCORM 2004, 4th Edition.  
  • Drag ‘n Drop share S1000D data from the R4i CSDB via easy ‘drag and drop’.
  • Interactive Content link external multimedia objects including images, movies and PowerPoint.
  • Record of exams Store all student exam results in the database.

Skills M5 is a complete, online Learning Management System that enables the rapid creation and distribution of online courses and provides advanced student management.

Skills M5 is made up of two components – Skills Studio for the development and authoring of courses, and Skills MyClass for student and course management.

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