It is 2017, and we need to talk!  You would not buy a car with three wheels and pay the dealer for the forth, would you? To this day I wonder why companies pay for features that should be included with their S1000D products! At OneStrand, we want to be your business partner; not your vendor.  We know we can learn from our customer’s industry experience and business challenges. If they require a new or extended feature in our S1000D product suite, we will strive to develop that capability; FREE to customers under support.

If you are considering purchasing an S1000D system, beware of the 1:5 ratio.  A low software purchase price can hide a high “installation and configuration” fee. A vendor may be using the formula of 1 software dollar returns 5 consulting dollars (1:5). If the software is deliberately designed to be hard to install and needs to be “configured to support your environment” you may want to investigate other systems. The S1000D specification is a known entity and database products have never been easier to install. So, then what are they ”configuring” in the software for two to eight weeks to get it ready to use?


T-Rexxy Bling


You may have seen our YouTube video, if not watch it here: “How to install a fully configured S1000D Common Source Database (CSDB) in under 5 minutes.Enough said!

If your current publishing system has become a dinosaur, consider our state-of-the-art R4i S1000D system. Easy to install and ready to use, our R4i software can handle your legacy programs and meet your future quality delivery requirements. Contact the OneStrand Team at +1 503.558.5000 Ext. 241 for immediate assistance!

Stop by and say hello to your newest OneStrand partners at the upcoming 2017 ATA e-Business and S1000D User Forum in Amsterdam! Do not forget to drop off your business card for a chance to win the stand giveaway “with the most bling” and to say “G’Day Mate” to the women with the coolest accents in town!


Melissa Pennline
Business Development Manager
OneStrand LLC