This page contains links to S-Series Specs Industry Events, Groups and Forums that we visit regularly, and so we know will be a valuable resource for you:

The Owners of the S1000D Specification

The public.S1000D. org website is provided by the S1000D Council and Steering Committee. The website is the only resource you should go to for copies of the specification, DTD’s, Schema’s and sample S1000D content.

User Forum

The IPS/ILS User Forum (formerly S1000D User Forum) is an International Event, held annually.  In 2022 the IPS/ILS User Forum is being held in Vienna, Austria. We forward to catching up with everyone in Vienna! (now Tech Pubs Forum) is a Bi-Annual S1000D and Technical Documentation focused conference held for the Pacific Rim region in the month of May in Melbourne, Australia.

Linked-in Groups to follow

Some of the Companies and Groups on Linked-in that you will want to follow:

Pennant Integrated Product Support (IPS Division) | Pennant International Group PLC | Pennant Australasia Pty Ltd | Pennant Canada Limited


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