OmegaPS™ Reliability Centered Maintenance Module (RCM) allows you to tailor RCM logic to match user defined logic trees. Most RCM software tools are based on a specific standard such as MSG-3 or RCM 2, etc. With OmegaPS RCM module you can create and store many different logics that are then available to engineers for specific project requirements.

The tailoring activity is carried out via the OmegaPS RCM editor (Refer to Figure 1, below).











                                       Figure 1

From within the OmegaPS System you can select any of the defined RCM Logic created by the OmegaPS RCM tailoring tool and complete the defined questions (Refer to Figure 2, below).













                                       Figure 2

From within the RCM area of OmegaPS the defined logic can be selected and the engineer can then complete his analysis in the LSAR, rather than off-line (Refer to Figure 3, below).


















                                       Figure 3

Included for each Yes or No is a field for entering the rationalisation for recording the reason why an engineer decided on each response. A ‘road map’ illustrates the logic tree for review and data entry. Also included is the requirement for the application of a maintenance task (Refer to Figure 4, below).




















                                       Figure 4

A purpose built report can be printed for the RCM analyses for an individual failure mode or, for all failure modes associated with a particular LCN (Refer to Figure 5, below).










                                       Figure 5



For detailed benefits associated with OmegaPS Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Module, Contact us for a demonstration.