Welcome to OneStrand’s weekly Fast Snapshot Series for June 2018. The second R4i Webinar Recording is on R4i Data Module eXchanger and is now available.

The purpose of R4i DMX is to automate the conversion of S1000D Data Modules from one legacy version of S1000D to a newer version of the S1000D Specification.

The software can be mapped to upgrade from any of the following issues of S1000D:






R4i DMX is configured around the S1000D conversion project requirements.  After selecting what version the project is converting to, ID Status information for the new updated DM will need to be configured, including whether the Data Module is being changed to a new Issue Number and setting the Issue Date.

The tool can be set to run a single file, or in batch mode on a folder containing all the data modules to be converted.

R4i DMX is licensed within the R4i Support Portal with “conversion credits”. After connecting to the license server with R4i DMX, as Data Modules are successfully converted, the credits are removed from the users license count.

We hope you enjoy the second of our new Fast Snapshot Series Webinar’s. Please feel free to request any other topics or products you would like for us to run Snapshots on.

Last week’s snapshot on R4i IPD Manager can be viewed here.

Tammy Halter

Managing Director
OneStrand LLC