OmegaPS™ Point of Maintenance (POM) module is designed to enable an integrated view of EIACs related by a common model (UOC).

There are three key functions;

  1. Equipment Family Tree – A hierarchical System/ Equipment view that could be used for aircraft (Canadian ERN breakdown, ATA breakdown or S1000D breakdown), marine vessels (Canadian ERN breakdown, MoD Fleet Area Code (FAC) breakdown or S1000D breakdown) and land vehicles (Canadian ERN breakdown or S1000D breakdown) (Refer to Figure 1, below).
  2. Technical Publication mapping – A hierarchical System/ Equipment view indicating loaded technical publications (Refer to Figure 2, below).
  3. Physical Breakdown – A hierarchical assembly breakdown with mapped navigable illustrations in both 2D and 3D (Refer to Figure 3, below).

           Figure 1 – Equipment Family Tree

                      Figure 2 – Technical Publication mapping

     Figure 3 – Physical Breakdown


The tool enables both a central view for system managers, as well as a deployed view on a portable device, for technicians.


For detailed benefits of utilizing OmegaPS™ POM module, Contact us for a demonstration.