The Technical Data Challenge:

  • Currently Suppliers are using a range of structured authoring tools, and a lot of those legacy tools don’t have schema and/or BREX validation;
  • Some Suppliers are not even able to deliver XML/SGML;
  • Each company uses their own work processes and quality checks;
  • The Prime, or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) has to wait for the full content or at least a set delivery point before they get to see where a supplier is at with their work effort;
  • Sub-contractors can be paid for work which is later found to be incorrect;
  • There is no 360 degree view of the total content delivery for the asset or piece of equipment;
  • If you are lucky enough that suppliers are willing to deliver to your preferred S1000D data format, they will often on-charge for new software and training costs to meet those requirements.

Turning Us and Them into ONE Unified Team

What if we could separate the “them” and “us” and enable the prime to supply a shared Common Source DataBase (CSDB) platform for the authoring, workflow and publishing delivery.

  • The implementation of the Technical Data Management Portal brings suppliers and the customer together on one shared platform. Including connectors and support for legacy XML tools that our suppliers know and love, such as Adobe FrameMaker!
  • Each supplier will have access to their own project space to internally assign tasks to their own team-members while also being a part of the Primary task management and workflow from the Prime.
  • Everyone would have access to the projects BREX, CIRs, Applicability models, and Stylesheets that the Prime has pre-configured and made accessible in view only/access mode to all suppliers using the CSDB.
  • And both the Suppliers and the Prime would know, if it works for you, it works for me!

Key Features of the TDM portal

The TDM Portal includes a web based console used by both the prime and suppliers. The Prime’s view includes additional user management functions, but both have access to:

  • Software downloads from the Prime’s chosen R4i software pool;
  • Software licencing portal for self-service software activation;
  • Work package assignment and tracking to supplier via R4i Task Manager Server;
  • A secure file area to drop files for each supplier (My Files);
  • A central document library for general access by suppliers;
  • Access to R4i WebView for online IETP review.

Recording of the 2017 S1000D User Forum Demonstration

For those customers and partners who did not have the opportunity to attend the User Forum in Amsterdam, a recording of my demonstration has been placed up on OneStrand’s YouTube channel…. Happy viewing!


Tammy Halter
Managing Director
OneStrand LLC