In October 2017 I wrote a blog to Managers on how important it is to get the right training for your authors when transitioning to S1000D.  The article highlighted that a solid education in the right order and early, is essential in preparing for your S1000D deliveries.

Interestingly, a couple of weeks ago our VP of Product Development wrote a blog talking about his favorite person in industry being “Dart People”, those that self-load with education to ensure they are highly skilled and valued for their knowledge.  This Poison Dart Frog article made me think about all of the S1000D education that is available globally and a fair amount of that education is available for free.

That’s right, free!

Many consultants and vendors in industry are running monthly webinars that are free. Topics range for the fundamentals on “what is S1000D” through to detailed topics regarding “Business Rules and BREX” and S1000D technology sessions.  Most companies that run these webinars also allow you to download the recordings of the session after the webinar is over.

OneStrand also offers a S1000D 6 step program, which guides you from S1000D Theory through how to Author S1000D Data Modules (software supplied at no cost). Although the program is a condensed version from our vast array of paid S1000D Training Courses, it is real training, run live with an S1000D Trainer and again you guessed it, it is FREE! There are no sales staff presenting anything when you join the session, this is all about sharing the knowledge with industry.

A couple of my favorite reference materials that I absolutely must mention are “S1000D v4.1 and v4.2: Business Rules Decision Points arranged.., by Victoria Ichizli-Bartel”  and “Managing Your First S1000D Project, by Sandra Urias”. You will need to purchase these books, but for the small price they are worthy resources that will save you time and pain as you gain from the lessons that these women have already learnt from many years in industry projects.

Coming back round full circle, I simply wanted to highlight in this week’s blog, whether your Manager wants to invest in you, or whether you want to be a “dart” and invest in yourself, there are so many great resources out there, some free, some low cost and some a little more expensive. If the short time in training saves you weeks or months of time, money and mistakes on your S1000D program, that has to be worth it right?

Whether you are an Illustrator, Author or Administrator, with zero experience or maybe some S1000D knowledge, OneStrand have you covered with both S1000D Theory and R4i Software Training targeted to your specific needs.

No more excuses, go and find the right S1000D education path for you!


Tammy Halter
Managing Director
OneStrand LLC