Are you getting love heart eyes or heartburn from your software this Valentine's?

14 February, 2020: As the world goes into a frenzied state of buying chocolates and red roses for their one and only, are you feeling it for your software too?

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ADG joins the Pennant Group of Companies!

22 January, 2020: In an announcement to the Stock Exchange this morning, Pennant International Group PLC confirmed it had exchanged contracts to acquire the entire share capital of Aussie firm Absolute Data Group Pty Ltd.

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What are you thankful for this year?

27 November, 2019: Bob reappears to share current Tech Pubs System frustrations with us (with emojis!) and his wish for a dynamic R4i software system to be thankful for!

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Pennant Canada has partnered with OneStrand Inc. to deliver LSAR to ASD S1000D capability

26 September, 2019: ADG’s sister company OneStrand Inc. has partnered with the OmegaPS ILS Software and Services division of Pennant International, to integrate the OmegaPS Database with the R4 CSDB via the newly launched R4i LTS.

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As we take a moment to pause and reflect...

25 April, 2019: For the brave young women and men who put their life on the line to keep us safe, we are forever grateful. Is today’s society, getting caught up with war & politics and losing sight of really matters?

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Real-life S1000D Managerial Challenges explained!

17 April, 2019: OneStrand’s Melissa Pennline will be speaking at the ATA e-Business Forum in Nevada, USA May 20-22nd, to discuss real-life challenges faced over the years of working with S1000D.

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Have you ever given your Software a Spring Clean?

8 April, 2019: Just like spring cleaning your house to clear away those unnecessary things that are no longer beneficial, the same applies to your in-house technology. Have you ever considered spring cleaning your software?

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To boldly go where no software has ever ventured!

1 April, 2019: With three NEW features available within the latest version R4i Writer V10, click here to witness these exciting new features in action…

Don't be green with envy this Saint Patrick's Day!

17 March, 2019: There’s never been a better time to try your luck of the Irish with OneStrand’s latest S1000D Comprehensive Course and Workshop Virtual Training special offer.

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Life needs more Beaches and Bonfires...

12 March, 2019: Life is ALWAYS better around the campfire, giving you time to stop and think! Have you ever thought about the connections between camping and buying S1000D software?

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To Innovate and Create you need time and space!

28 February, 2019: In today’s fast paced society, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of meeting deadlines and rushing to make ends meet! This week’s Blog taps into this very topic and how the need for speed is stifling innovation!

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Delving into Data Conversion? OneStrand has you covered!

12 February, 2019: Data Conversion doesn’t have to be complicated and the good news is, Team OneStrand have made it even easier by providing you with direction!

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It would be UN-Australian not to!

24 January, 2019: CRIKEY! A long weekend to celebrate Australia Day, is upon us.  As we crack a beer and throw another prawn on the barbie, take a moment to read OneStrand’s beaut blog this week.

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MORE greatness in store for 2019...

16 January, 2019: The ADG and OneStrand Team have hit the ground running, with lots of new R4i Product Video’s including time saving features to share with you this year.  Here’s a small overview of what is in store for 2019, buckle up!

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Looking Back on the Year that was 2018!

20 December, 2018: This week the OneStrand Team take a moment to reflect on 2018. Providing stats that are quite impressive, it’s exciting to see what the ADG and OneStrand Team are capable of!

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Review Cycle in S1000D: Final of 6 Part Shortfall Series

12 December, 2018: Part 6 and the final of OneStrand’s Shortfall blog series looks at how a review cycle in S1000D would work compared to the traditional print publication cycle of the past.

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The Possibilities when Considering Applicability: Part 5 of Shortfall Series

5 December, 2018: As we continue the Shortfall Blog Series by educating our Manager’s on what they need to know about S1000D, this week Part 5 is focused on the purpose of Applicability and options available.

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Stylesheets when working with S1000D Content: Part 4 of Shortfall Series

28 November, 2018: If you are working with S1000D content, the topic of stylesheet options will be up for team discussion.  This week’s Part 4 Blog of Shortfall Series provides insight on the various Stylesheet options available.

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Celebrating Thanksgiving with a number ONE Team!

21 November, 2018: Thanksgiving is a special time to come together and reflect on the things you are all thankful for. Being part of a number ONE Team is top of the list for OneStrand’s Melissa Pennline (and we concur!)

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It's not the load that breaks you, it's the way you carry it!

14 November, 2018: If there is an easier way to carry out a task, why not take it! This week’s Blog provides you with insight on how it is possible to work smarter AND easier with S1000D!

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Can you afford to not work with CIR's?
Shortfall Series: Part 3

5 November, 2018: The information that can be stored in Common Information Repositories (CIRs) is extensive. Part 3 of OneStrand’s Shortfall Blog Series highlights the benefits associated with using CIRs in your S1000D project.

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Don't be spooked when it comes to working with S1000D!

29 October, 2018: Halloween provides us with a spook-tacular introduction to Annabel, the Evil S1000D Sales Rep.

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Essential to a solid implementation of S1000D is the BREX!
Shortfall Series: Part 2

23 October, 2018: As we continue from last weeks first installment of “The Shortfall Blog Series” this week for Part 2, we focus on the importance of the BREX or Business Rules EXchange data module.

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Shortcuts - Potentially the wrong way!
Shortfall Series: Part 1

15 October, 2018: This month the OneStrand Team kick off a Shortfall Blog Series, sharing real life experiences of when taking a shortcut can end up your shortfall within your S1000D program.

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The Recent 2018 S1000D User Forum proves popular in The Big Easy!

27 September, 2018: The OneStrand Team are all back on home soil after attending and exhibiting at the 2018 S1000D User Forum, New Orleans. This week’s OneStrand blog provides an overview of the highlights from the event.

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7 Days and Counting!

3 September, 2018: With just one short week until the annual 2018 S1000D User Forum commences in New Orleans, OneStrand first responders provide you with a reminder of what you can expect from our team of specialists!

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14 Days till the 2018 S1000D User Forum kicks off!

29 August, 2018: With LIVE demonstrations of the powerful R4i S1000D software capabilities available, New Orleans really is the place to be next month!

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What will Speakers be presenting at upcoming 2018 S1000D User Forum?

22 August, 2018: The OneStrand Team take a moment to review the Agenda for the upcoming 2018 S1000D User Forum. Is there a particular topic that you are hoping is covered at this annual event?

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Step right up to the S1000D Sideshow Alley Showdown!

13 August, 2018: The OneStrand team are in full swing with getting organized to exhibit and attend the upcoming 2018 S1000D User Forum which kicks off September 10th, in New Orleans USA.

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Pain Relief is on its way!

2 August, 2018: Suffering from headaches due to content issues? Pain relief is on its way! The OneStrand First Responders are on hand to assist with your content data issues.

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OneStrand to ease the pain of S1000D deliveries at the 2018 S1000D User Forum!

17 July, 2018: The countdown has commenced until the 2018 S1000D User Forum kicks off September 10th, in New Orleans USA. The OneStrand Team will be available at Stand 15 at the event, so why not bring your data along for content check-up!

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Need to know about the latest ATA 1000BR Specification?

11 July, 2018: ATA have released the Business Rules for Issue 4.1 and 4.2 – ATA 1000BR. OneStrand’s Blog provides you with an overview of what’s included and details on how you can attend a FREE webinar on this very topic!

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Is it time for you to declare your S1000D Independence?

4 July, 2018: As America celebrates Independence Day this week, now is the time to ask yourself whether you need to declare independence from your S1000D software by moving to OneStrand and the powerful R4i S1000D product suite.

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Part 4: The 'OTHER FEATURES' available within R4i Viewer

26 June, 2018: R4i Viewer is a renowned online and offline based S1000D Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP) Viewer. OneStrand’s fourth and final Part of our Fast Snapshot Series provides insight to the additional features available within this powerful tool!

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Part 3: R4i Binder's SCORM Module

20 June, 2018: As OneStrand continue to provide weekly snapshot series, this week the focus is on R4i Binder’s SCORM Module.

Learn how to quickly and easily develop e-Learning content, with R4i Binder’s SCORM Module.

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Part 2: This week the spotlight is on R4i Data Module eXchanger (DMX)

12 June, 2018: For those that are looking for a faster and easier way to automate the conversion of S1000D Data Modules from one legacy version of S1000D to a newer version of the S1000D Specification, look no further than R4i Data Module eXchanger (DMX).

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Part 1: Create high quality Parts Catalogs with R4i IPD Manager

4 June, 2018: Throughout the month of June, OneStrand will be providing a weekly snapshot of R4i Products, showcasing their capabilities and time saving features available.

To kick off this 4 part snapshot series, the spotlight will be on R4i IPD Manager.

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Do you understand what you need when moving into S1000D and authoring content?

4 May, 2018:  This week OneStrand’s Blog delves into the similarities of process and terminology used in S1000D and Traditional Authoring. Learn about the most important aspects of making the move!

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We will Remember them - Lest We Forget!

25 April, 2018: As we take a moment on Anzac Day, to reflect on those that made the ultimate sacrifice – This weeks OneStrand Blog discusses old wars, new allies and the importance of commitment of what you believe in…

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What do PDF's and Baseball have in common?

18 April, 2018:  OneStrand hit a home run this week, providing us with an analogy of PDF’s and Baseball!  Can you guess the common factor?

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Overcoming Challenges in the Technical Publications World!

15 March, 2018: As the saying goes, what doesn’t break you only makes you stronger and this week’s Blog provides insight as to how successful technical publication teams have overcome such challenges.

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Tablet Technology and the R4i Product Suite - Paving the way!

8 March, 2018:  As tablets make their way into maintenance and field services to deploy interactive IETPs to Android devices, the R4i product suite with R4i CDMS is the trendsetter that can keep the pace of this fast growing technology!

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The Importance of Meeting your Customer's Expectations

28 February, 2018:  Good customer service plays such an important role in business and customers love it when their expectations are exceeded.

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Celebrating 10 years with ADG and S1000D...

19 February, 2018:  A milestone to be celebrated as ADG’s Reeta Nye takes a moment to reflect on the past 10 years of working with ADG, whilst identifying just how far S1000D has come from the early days.

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Don't get left behind - Stay ahead of your S1000D!

13 February, 2018:  There really is no excuse for anyone seeking S1000D Training to not take advantage of so many available opportunities to learn about S1000D, even for free. That’s right, FREE!

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PDF vs IETP Showdown - GAME ON!

5 February, 2018:  In honour of another record breaking Super Bowl, this week’s Blog provides a showdown in the digital world with PDF vs ITEP.

Who will take out the trophy? Click here to find out…

Why it pays to be a Specialist!

24 January, 2018:  An interesting Blog from OneStrand this week, on how it really does pay to be a specialist in your field and demonstrates this by using the Poison Dart Frog as an prime example!

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STE enhanced my Technical Writing Capabilities

17 January, 2018:  An interesting article from a Technical Writer who looks back on how implementing STE has been beneficial, giving him the ability to provide precise and less ambiguous narrative content.

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Another Year Begins... Hello 2018!

10 January, 2018:  As we welcome a new year in, this weeks Blog from OneStrand provides insight to what the OneStrand Team are excited about working on this year.  Buckle up!

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The year that was, 2017!

20 December, 2017: As 2017 draws to a close, OneStrand’s CEO takes a moment to reflect on OneStrand’s accomplishments this past year in this week’s blog. Click here for further details.

Avoid being haunted by bad software choices!

13 December, 2017:  Just when things were looking grim for Bob, suddenly the ghosts of software past, present and future came to visit. The future now looks bright, enlightening him of endless possibilities – Donuts and coffee are even involved!  Click here for further details…

Santa moves with the times and converts his legacy data into S1000D!

4 December, 2017: North Pole frontline Elves are now super efficient all thanks to Santa making the decision to convert his legacy data to S1000D!  Click here for further details.

Polishing the crystal ball to see what awaits the Tech Data world!

28 November, 2017:  As ADG’s 20th Birthday celebrations draw to a close, this week’s Blog looks into the future, to see what the next 20 years may bring to the technical data management sector globally.

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Reviewing the past 20 Years of ADG with a 20% saving on R4i ReViewer Licenses!

22 November, 2017: As we review the past 20 years of ADG, we thought it fitting to offer a 20% discount on all R4i ReViewer licenses purchased during the month of November.  Why not make the most of this opportunity to save both valuable time and money, during your S1000D review process.

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Save 20% on R4i Writer Licenses as the Birthday celebrations continue!

15 November, 2017:  As ADG’s 20th Birthday celebrations continue, this weeks Blog from OneStrand includes a 20% discount on all R4i Writer licenses purchased during the month of November!

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Exclusive Birthday Discounts offered!

8 November, 2017: OneStrand are currently offering 5% off their wide range of Services to celebrate ADG’s 20th Birthday.  Make the most of this opportunity to save both time and money – There has never been a better time to act… Click here for further details.

A Milestone worthy of recognition - It's our 20th Birthday!

1 November, 2017:  For the past 20 years ADG have provided service to Aviation, Land, Sea and Space Program customers. To celebrate this milestone, November is filled with Birthday specials that we are passing onto you! Stay tuned for our weekly Blogs that will include exclusive offers of 20% birthday discounts on various R4i software products.

Click here for Tammy’s reflection on the last 20 years in Business!

Avoid getting caught out when it comes to software Maintenance...

23 October, 2017: Software maintenance should act as a safety net for your software investment.  Are you familiar with three things you should expect when paying for software maintenance?

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2018 S1000D User Forum & ILS Specification Day - SAVE THE DATE!

20 October, 2017:  Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) and AeroSpace and Defence (ASD) recently announced the “Big Easy” will be hosting next year’s 2018 S1000D User Forum & ILS Specification Day.

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Terrifying Tune re-mixed, with treats a plenty and no tricks involved!

16 October, 2017: After his busy week getting the new S1000D Solution installed and working, Bob began to sing a Halloween tune with a not so spooky S1000D twist…

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This is where the Magic happens...

10 October, 2017:  When it comes to sourcing an S1000D solution, don’t let the ghouls rule… Let it be a treat with no tricks involved! This week OneStrand Blog look at ways to avoid a Halloween nightmare.

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Bob's Nightmare!

4 October, 2017: The list read like a publishing wish list from the devil himself! Publish SGML and XML content, distribute the IETPs to unlimited devices including PCs and tablets, remotely update or delete the IETPs. The room was starting to spin for Bob…

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Pressure was on Bob to make the right choice!

28 September, 2017:  When you have the Executive Team breathing down your neck to find that solution, you need to make the right decision, the first time!

This week, OneStrand’s Blog introduces us to Bob and how he overcame the stress by making the right decision when choosing a software solution…

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When the going gets tough.... Call on OneStrand!

19 September, 2017: Technical Writers are an integral part of any Technical Authoring Company, worldwide. This week’s blog from OneStrand provides insight from one of our very own, to what matters most in that time of need!

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Have you considered ALL options available?

12 September, 2017:  When purchasing something, even if it’s as small as a pen or as big as a house, you need to consider all options available before making the final decision!

This week, OneStrand’s Blog offers an even more affordable option than purchasing S1000D software, that you may not be aware of….

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Preparing for Change in your Authoring Environment

29 August, 2017: Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world! To conclude our focus on Education, this week’s Blog from The OneStrand Team provides you with steps to consider, when changing your Authoring environment to S1000D.

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A Managers Perspective on S1000D....

21 August, 2017:  You could easily be convinced that S1000D is complicated, especially when a 3,457 page Specification is involved! This week OneStrand’s Blog provides a refreshing approach to this topic, that will make you think otherwise.

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Heavy workload averted thanks to R4i Writer!

15 August, 2017: OneStrand continues to focus on ‘Education’, with this week’s Blog providing an insight to how R4i Writer really can turn around what looked like a week long heavy workload, into a manageable task.

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"Simplifying Technical Manuals?
Yes.... it's possible!"

7 August, 2017:  The number one key to writing technical documentation is to make the information concise with minimal fuss!

OneStrand hone in on this very topic in this week’s blog, discussing the benefits of implementing Simplified Technical English (STE).

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OneStrand Blog's to Focus on a Powerful Weapon - Education!

1 August, 2017: It’s that time of the year and to celebrate both students and teachers going back to school, OneStrand Blogs will be focusing on “Back to School Essentials” for the Month of August.

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Live Demonstration - Now available to view!

25 July, 2017:  For those who did not attend the ATA e-Business and S1000D User Forum held in Amsterdam last month, you will be delighted to know that the OneStrand Team recorded Tammy’s Live Demonstration and it is now available to view.

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That's a Wrap! Constructive Criticism Shared....

19 July, 2017: OneStrand’s Brisbane personnel have returned home and shared their thoughts on the 2017 ATA e-Business & S1000D User Forum in this action packed conference review blog.  Click here for further details.

Train AND Try before you buy!

10 July, 2017:  A clear winning message in this months blog from the OneStrand Team.  Why would you invest so much money in S1000D Solutions without having the opportunity to actually try it for yourself!  Click here for further details.

ATA e-Business and S1000D User Forum 2017 | Team OneStrand head home after successful event!

16 June, 2017: The OneStrand Team are making their way back home, after what was a fantastic event! It was great for the Team to meet so many people, exchange ideas and gain further industry insights.

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Team OneStrand available to help Companies Bridge the Authoring Gap to S1000D!

29 May, 2017:  If the thought of changing from a MIL-STD or ATA Authoring environment has you stressed, let the OneStrand Team take the pain away, with ease!  Click here for further details.

Only 21 Days until ATA e-Business and S1000D User Forum 2017 commences!

23 May, 2017:  With only weeks remaining until the annual international event kicks off, read the latest OneStrand Blog for a sneak peak of what the OneStrand Team will be demonstrating!

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Scheduled Simplified Technical English (STE) Class - USA - June 20-21, 2017!

17 May, 2017:  Stay ahead of the crowd and learn more about The Rules of Simplified Technical English by Registering to attend a 2 Day Course.  Click here for further details.

S1000D Authoring in the Cloud with Adobe FrameMaker

8 May, 2017:  With seamless Integration into the OneStrand AIR hosted CSDB platform, discover just how easy S1000D Authoring can be. Click here for further details and Register today!

The U.S. National Military Appreciation Month

1 May, 2017:  The OneStrand Team show their appreciation for those past and current serving members in a blog and team video for the month of May!

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Lufthansa Technik Embraces S1000D with OneStrand AIR

15 March, 2017:  Absolute Data Group continues to soar with the latest press announcement that Lufthansa Technik is embracing S1000D in the Cloud with OneStrand AIR.

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S1000D Issue 4.2 of the Specification, RELEASED!

6 February, 2017:  The S1000D Council and the S1000D Steering Committee have just released Issue 4.2 of the ASD S1000D Specification. Click here to discover the key changes that have been implemented into Issue 4.2.

Virgin Galactic Win Gains 'air-time' with ABC Radio Host!

20 January, 2017:  ADG’s Tammy Halter talks to Brisbane ABC Radio Host, Steve Austin about the recent Contract win with Virgin Galactic!
Click here to listen to the radio interview.

ADG Skyrockets with Virgin Galactic Win!

19 January, 2017:  ADG’s R4i S1000D Product Suite has been selected to provide the technology required to create, manage and leverage technical information vital to the operation and maintenance of Virgin Galactic’s human spaceflight systems.

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Author Anywhere and Deliver Everywhere with OneStrand AIR!

1 October, 2016:  For those that were unable to attend the S1000D User Forum 2016, recently held in Seville Spain – We recorded Tammy’s Presentation from Wednesday 28th of September, 2016.

This is Part 1 of the recording with Part 2 containing a live demonstration of OneStrand AIR!

Does it really matter what software you authored your XML in?

5 September, 2016:  The short answer is ‘no’ but for further details about this valid question, click the read more button provided below!

S1000D User Forum 2016 - The Countdown has begun!

23 August, 2016:  The OneStrand team will be showcasing R4i S1000D software at the event, so pop by OneStrand’s vendor stand No. 13 in the exhibitor hall and say Hi to the team!

OneStrand Launches the First Smart Hosted S1000D Publishing Suite - OneStrand AIR

21 July, 2016:  Eliminating the need to purchase software and infrastructure, OneStrand AIR offers an online subscription service that is available to all industries. First modular S1000D Publishing Suite of its kind, the sky really is the limit with OneStrand AIR.

S1000D from a Quality Control Perspective

5 July, 2016:  This month we take a look at S1000D from a Quality Control perspective, including opinions shared about the effective approach that S1000D provides.

DITA vs S1000D - Which one is right for you?

15 June, 2016:  S1000D or DITA – There are a range of similarities between these two Specifications. During this month’s Blog, discover the differences, benefits and disadvantages to working with each.

Five S1000D Myth's Debunked!

26 May, 2016:  If you have reservations about S1000D or have pre-conceived ideas that for example, only Defense projects use S1000D, then this Blog is for you. The truth is out there and we set the story straight within this Blog.  You may just be surprised!

The Importance of being 'The Trusted Insider' and how to Achieve it!

14 April, 2016:  I think we can all agree that trust is so important in any relationship. Within this Blog our contributor shares the importance of becoming a “Trusted Insider” with customers and how to achieve it.

For those starting out with the ASD S1000D Specification, some key points to consider! (you're welcome!)

9 March, 2016:  Starting a new journey can be challenging in all areas of life!  Within this Blog, learn about the steps worth considering when starting out with S1000D.  Some informative tips are provided including lessons learnt along the way.

Discover the top five things to love about S1000D (we narrowed it down!)

2 February, 2016:  We asked a Continuous Improvement Specialist to share with us, the top five key factors and game changers when working with S1000D!  Is there any mentioned that you would benefit from having?

Blog dedicated to those fearful of S1000D!

27 January, 2016: Why you should no longer be scared of S1000D!

Defense, Transport and Aerospace Industries to Benefit from ADG and AEC Joint Venture

19 January, 2016:  “This is an important milestone for ADG” said Tammy Halter, Founder of ADG. This is the best result of 18 years of hard work and commitment to providing robust, mission critical technical publishing and information management solutions globally to organisations like Boeing, Defence Australia, the Australian Army, US Air Force, US Coast Guard and General Atomics Aeronautical Systems.

ADG Team ready for action Packed 2016!

6 January, 2016: Happy New Year everyone! The ADG office has re-opened for 2016 and we have been busy getting organised for what is set to be an action packed 2016!

We have some exciting news to share with you later this month, so stay tuned!  The ADG Team look forward to working closely with you on your Technical Data challenges, together we can make 2016 a successful and rewarding year!

ATA e-Business Forum May 11 - 13, 2015 Orlando, FL | ADG to Present and Exhibit!

18 February, 2015: The ATA e-Business Forum is an educational forum to learn about the latest developments in information exchange to support engineering, maintenance, materiel and flight operations, forming the most comprehensive event dedicated to information exchange standards and technologies in the global Aerospace Industry.

This event provides a high level overview of the ATA e-Business Program and the many specifications like Spec 2000, S1000D, iSpec 2200, Spec42 and Spec2300.

If you’re at the Conference, we invite you to come along to her presentation, Wednesday May 13th at 11:30am.  Tammy will also be showcasing ADG’s S1000D software at the event, so pop by our stand and say ‘Hi’.

ADG | Adobe Joint Webinar - USA May 27 / AUS 28 May, 2015 "Publishing data at the twelfth hour - A FrameMaker XML Case Study"

6 May, 2015: During this XML Case Study, Tammy will demonstrate how a traditional manual process of financial data being copied, pasted, cleaned and manually formatted in a combination of MS Word and unstructured FrameMaker, was automated to have the Excel Tables output to XML and imported by reference into Structured FrameMaker files, allowing for final update to be performed in MS Excel right up to the twelfth hour before the Stock Exchange Report is generated to PDF.

This joint webinar session highlights how Adobe FrameMaker 12’s ability to work with any XML structure, offered flexibility and robustness to a financial reporting solution.

ADG to attend and speak at 2015 S1000D User Forum | San Diego, California - September 21st to 24th

7 September, 2015: ADG’s CEO, Tammy Halter, will be in San Diego later this month to present on the topic:  “Author Anywhere, Deliver Everywhere with ADG’s Agile S1000D Publishing Suite”

If you’re at the Forum, we invite you to come along to the presentation Wednesday, September 23rd at 2:30pm.  The ADG team will be showcasing our S1000D software at the event, so pop by and say Hi to Tammy and Reeta.  Why not ask for an R4i demo! 

S1000D User Forum 2015 | ADG's lucky winner!

1 October, 2015: Thank you to the attendees that dropped by the Pennant IPS stand at the recent S1000D User Forum to meet with Tammy and Reeta.

For those that entered into the prize draw for the remote control air vehicle, will be interested to hear that Chuck Vedra of The Spaceship Company was our lucky winner! A photo of the happy winner is below with our CEO Tammy Halter.

If you would like to connect with Tammy or Reeta to obtain more specific R4i software product information, please email:, we are here to help with your S1000D requirements.

Mekon announces that DCS Sonovision Limited select ADG and Mekon's S1000D Solution

20 October, 2015: Mekon A&D announced today that Pennant IPS and Mekon UK’s S1000D solution has been selected by DCS Sonovision UK Limited, giving DCS the capability to offer IETP/IETM services to their customer base.

DCS chose Mekon, (an ADG authorized solution partner) and the R4i S1000D Product Suite after a comprehensive review process, selecting Mekon for its expertise, industry reputation and worldwide experience in deploying S1000D installations for Aerospace and Defence clients.

Peter Merchant, Director DCS-Sonovision UK Ltd. said “We are delighted with the support and training we have received from the Mekon group and their understanding of S1000D, making our choice an easy one.”

DCS wanted to extend their S1000D authoring services to include delivering technical data via Interactive Electronic Technical Publications/ Manuals (IETPs/IETMs) over the Web and mobile devices. With ADG’s R4i CSDB Server, FREE R4i Viewer and R4i MobieTP for Android, this is now possible in a highly functional and easy to use solution.

The solution being deployed will increase the DCS competitive advantage in delivering highly functional electronic documents in the R4i Viewer which is freely distributed for maximum customer value and accessability.  End user experience is a growing factor in effectiveness to customers out in the field and delivering an IETP is an important part of this process.

ADG Partners with Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL)

17 January, 2014:  ADG are excited to announce their partnership with DCL for the conversion component of Customer Projects.

Operating the most advanced facilities of its kind, DCL is a leading US-based organisation with extensive capabilities to capture content from virtually any medium and reformat it to fit a client’s emergent needs.

ADG will be conducting joint webinar topics with DCL about data conversions.  Some sessions will be generic on converting from any legacy to custom or industry specifications, and we will be running a specific session on the gotchas and things to watch for when converting from ATA and MIL-STD’s styles to S1000D XML structures.

If you have any data conversion requirements, email us.

DEFDOC Conference evolves into TECH PUBS Forum

19 February, 2014:  The Pennant IPS team feel it is time to extend the Defence Documentation Conference (DEFDOC) to include technical industries that have a requirement to create, manage and deliver technical information.  This includes Defence, Aerospace, Ship Building, Rail and industries that manufacture and maintain large and complex equipment.

In 2014, the DEFDOC Conference will become ‘Tech Pubs Forum 2014‘ and will cover a breadth of topics, industry specifications and standards used by Technical Writers, Illustrators, Trainers and Logistics professionals.  Gain insight from industry experts on global technologies including DITA, S1000D, Shipdex, Raildex, Simplified Technical English and others.

Dates for the Forum have been confirmed as the 15th and 16th May, 2014 and will be conducted in the Melbourne CBD, Victoria.  If you are interested in presenting at Tech Pubs Forum 2014, please email us.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to establish new contacts over drinks and canapes at the complimentary networking event, brought to you by Adobe.