Yesterday was one of the most celebrated holidays around the world, Mother’s Day. Each mother comes with their own specialties, a dash of this, a sprinkle of that, which makes them all the most unique heroes we have to model ourselves after. These heroes mentioned below are local to our team, they are mothers of 6 children and include the first “mother in space”, so today we honor them all!

A massage therapist, Mary Ellen Pennline, turned her office into a sewing room to make masks during COVID-19. Along with her husband Stephen, they have spent their time in quarantine effectively by producing so far, over 500 face masks to support their local community. This kindness has brought a sense of comfort to their local essential workers, who along with Mary Ellen are today’s new local heroes!

Fiona Wood, a mother of 6 children who pioneered the innovative technique of ‘spray-on-skin’ to burn patients around the world. As an Australian native, and where she was named the Australian of the Year in 2005, Fiona will always be known as an “Australian Living Treasure”. An incredible story of how one woman can bring so much light and love to such a darken experience, a true hero!

To be able to say “my mom was in space”, would definitely be a conversation starter on the playground! I’m sure Anna Fisher’s kids smile ear to ear when they talk about their amazing mother who joined NASA in 1978. As Anna’s career continued, she went on to successfully launch and return on the space shuttle Discovery in 1984. After over three decades of heroism, she retired just last year as hero to everyone, and especially to our future women astronauts.

To these three heroes and to all the other Superhero Mother’s in the world, we thank you and will continue to celebrate your kindness, generosity and innovative ideas.

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. We celebrate our Mother’s, our Heroes!

Happy Mother’s Day 2020!

Melissa Pennline
VP Global Sales & Marketing
OneStrand Inc.