In addition to the basic challenges of converting data to XML, the conversion to S1000D has the complexity of Data Module Requirements List (DMRL), Applicability and other content driven tagging structures.

Having a solid plan in place and identifying issues prior to conversion is imperative to the overall success of the project.

Within this session, topics that will be discussed include:
  • Planning for a conversion from MIL-STD’s to S1000D;
  • The importance of analysis as the first step in conversion;
  • Idiosyncrasies to identify early in the process;
  • Not all MIL-STD’s to S1000D conversions are created equal;
  • Metrics and lessons learned for future conversions.
 Join ADG’s Tammy Halter and DCL Senior Project Manager, Naveh Greenberg to discuss Managing the Complexities of Conversions to S1000D.

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