Logistics Support Analysis (LSA)

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) or Integrated Product Support (IPS) is built on the fundamentals of several elements. Depending on who you speak with some will speak about the 10 Elements of ILS where others will speak about the 12 elements of IPS.  These elements are broken out to:

  • Design Interface (IPS)
  • Sustaining Engineering (ILS / IPS)
  • Supply Support (ILS / IPS)
  • Maintenance Planning and Management (ILS / IPS)
  • Technical Data (ILS / IPS)
  • Support Equipment (ILS / IPS)
  • Training and Training Support (ILS / IPS)
  • Manpower and Personnel (ILS / IPS)
  • Facilities and Infrastructure (ILS / IPS)
  • Computer Resources (ILS / IPS)
  • Product Support Management (IPS)

With all these elements in support of systems engineering, a level of Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) will occur so that the answers to the questions that make up the elements can be provided. Many engineering organizations have a Logistics Support Analysis Records (LSAR) or Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) database solution. Within the LSA solution, engineers will develop the breakdown of the asset which will then become the definition of that item.

Through the Product Breakdown Structure (PBS) in the LSAR, Engineering organisations can then begin to define how to support the product. The LSA on the identified PBS also begins to assist in defining how an organisation provides the support for the elements of ILS / IPS.

Pennant’s LSA Products and Services provides all industries with the capability to enable best practice when performing Engineering Logistics on their products. Compliant with:

  • MIL-STD 1388
  • SAE GEIA-STD-0007
  • ASD S2000M
  • ASD S3000L
  • DEFSTAN 00060
  • DEF(AUST) 5692

Matched with the remainder of the Pennant S1000D Product offerings, LSA can be performed with increased efficiencies, compliance to global and industry best practice, and reduce time to customer deliveries.

Pennant’s LSAR to S1000D product, R4i LTS, provides the ability to have direct access to an OmegaPS database or a compliant XML data exchange file to retrieve information for the population of an S1000D Data Module.



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