The Commercial Aviation and Space industries have chosen S1000D as a Specification to streamline their technical publications in support of multiple assets such as:

  • Airbus (A350)
  • Boeing (B-777x, B-787 Dreamliner, MHLH CH147)
  • Bombardier (C-Series)
  • COMAC (C919)
  • Embraer
  • Irkut Air Manufacturing Programs
  • Mitsubishi Jet
  • SpaceShipTwo Unity
  • mothership VMS Eve


S1000D takes re-using, exchanging and delivering data to the next level and well beyond anything that was implemented with the ATA Spec 2100 and iSpec 2200 data formats.  Click here for more detailed information on S1000D.


To properly implement S1000D, the included set of Business Rules will ensure that all suppliers comply with the required version of S1000D when delivering data to the Primes and OEMs globally.

Documenting the required version in the Business Rules and schema types that the data must be delivered too will ensure that all the data is in compliance.  This also allows the suppliers to customize their outputs if the Primes and OEMs require multiple versions of S1000D to be delivered in support of each specific assets.

With the R4i Product Suite, whether delivering S1000D data to Boeing, Airbus, and/or Bombardier, our solutions will manage every version of S1000D required.


Globally, the OEM may require Airframe Manufacturing suppliers to deliver a CMP and/or IPC manuals as CAWG released to meet the new ATA 1000DBR Spec v4.1 and v4.2 of S1000D.

To better understand this ATA Spec 1000BR requirement, let us provide some assistance!

First, the Acronyms:

  • ATA Spec 1000BR – The Business Rules guidance document for how to deliver ATA compliant S1000D content to your airframe manufacturer.
  • CMPComponent Maintenance Publication, which was previously known as a Component Maintenance Manual (CMM) when delivering content to meet ATA iSpec 2200.
  • CAWG – the Civil Aviation Working Group The team that worked through v4.1 and v4.2 of the S1000D Specification to provide:
    1. The Business Rules that should be applied to ensure a valid S1000D data delivery is met to the airframe manufacturer.
    2. A detailed CMP style guide for how that data should be presented as a PDF.

Secondly, meeting the delivery requirements. Once the content has been created in S1000D, a Data Delivery Note (DDN) and a PDF of the content will be generated for delivery. This content will then be contained within a zip file that will be pushed to the airframe manufacturing portal.

Still feeling a little overwhelmed, or want to find out more before committing to an ATA 1000BR delivery? Read a more detailed overview on the ATA 1000BR specification here.

For a 45 minute discussion about everything important in the ATA 1000BR (Business Rules), request to view a copy of the Webinar session ran last year.

In just a few clicks, see how the R4i Binder can generate a Component Maintenance Publication (CMP) PDF to the CAWG specification in this three-minute video.


To avoid purchasing tools that are not required to support a S1000D data delivery, Pennant has pre-packaged a set of specific S1000D tools that allows for quick and easy deliveries, such as:

  • Data Delivery Note (DDN) with Publication Modules (PM),
  • Data Modules (DM),
  • Images (ICN), and
  • XSL-FO Stylesheets for PDF manuals.

If the delivery is required to comply with ATA 1000BR the delivery includes:

  • Data Modules
  • Images
  • Publication Module
  • PDF compliant to the Specification
  • Zip that contains all of the above information.

To extend the delivery to include Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETPs), simply license the R4i Media Generator module and deliver the S1000D IETP with the royalty FREE to distribute S1000D R4i Viewer.

The R4i S1000D suite is very modular, allowing tools to be added and removed based on the deliverable and resourcing requirements. The R4i Suite starts as a single user system for small teams, and can then be upgraded to a larger multi-user system as the team grows. The single user system can be installed in 30 minutes, without IT support!


Investing in hardware and software upfront to deliver S1000D technical data can become costly. With Pennant’s S1000D SAAS model, the R4i AIR hosted platform provides access to the R4i S1000D software solution in the cloud for a small monthly fee.


Need to outsource to an S1000D expert?  We can help!

The Pennant IPS division along with our global Partners can assist in preparing S1000D manuals and data deliveries as required. Ask us how!


S1000D Authoring Software for Independent Writers

As an S1000D independent technical writer, reaching the end goal of creating high quality S1000D operational and maintenance information at an affordable cost is essential. Especially when contractual work is minimal, purchasing a complete S1000D software solution is just not feasible.

Taking that into consideration, we offer the R4i Writer Personal (PE) software as a cost effective solution to support those writers. This solution allows writers to work in a native XML authoring environment while controlling content and resources directly via the integrated DM Drive for data management.

R4i Writer PE also includes an IETP preview and PDF publishing capabilities, eliminating the need for authors to use multiple S1000D tools without a costly investment.

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