2018 had us kicking off with the simple goal of MORE and on December 17th when the dynamic OneStrand and ADG teams had the opportunity to stop and reflect on what we achieved in 2018, we had definitely delivered on that message! It was a wonderful team effort across the ADG and OneStrand sister Companies, and I am looking forward to us achieving even greater statistics for our customers and partners in 2019 ?

In 2019, our focus continues on expanding our R4i application integration into our customers back office and client facing systems. We will continue to enhance our time saving work flow tools and drive content re-use across the extensive R4i product suite. As the S series continues to expand and evolve, we are developing connection points that will further enable content interchange with other S series applications from leading vendors.

Our S1000D compliant R4i CSDB and Authoring software will continue to provide excellent value for money and ‘ease of use’ with these new integration points, whilst our R4i IETP Viewer along with our newer MobieTP Viewers on Android and iOS will continue to remain royalty free to distribute with IETP’s generated from the R4i CSDB.

The team are pumped about delivering this new capability to customers and we look forward to assisting every customer with their new delivery goals this year… Welcome to 2019!

Tammy Halter

Chief Executive Officer
OneStrand Inc.