Many greenbacks have been used to purchase much beer and whisky today, so we hope you saved at least one…

With much interest in S1000D, we are offering you the greenest of specials with your last greenback, and it’ll be a Golden opportunity! So follow the leprechaun back over the rainbow where our fabulous experts will provide you further information!

In celebration of St. Partick’s Day, we thought we would save you some US Greenbacks with a special offer on Comprehensive S1000D Course and Workshop Virtual Training.

Save 10% when you register by April 1st 2019 and attend our four-day (4 x 2 hour Instructor-led sessions) Virtual Course at 4pm EST on April 15 to 18th, 2019.

As the green wears down, send us those extra coins and grab yourself a golden seat!
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Is fearr maidir le,


Melissa Pennline
VP of Global Sales & Marketing
OneStrand Inc.