The OmegaPS™ Fit Definition Module is designed to allow OmegaPS to capture all required for Nation Specific logistics and configuration data as well as any mandatory baseline data associated with a targeted ERP.

Nation Specific Data

With the inherent capability of the LSAR/LPD data set to define fielded configurations it is logical to expect that additional data may be required for specific national configuration requirements.  Instead of using a MIL-STD-1388, DEFSTAN 00-60 or GEIA-STD-0007 data element by convention to host such data, OmegaPs is designed to fit such data appropriately into the data structure.  For example, the Canadian DND uses the Equipment Registration Number (ERN)  for a similar purpose.  This requires a specific attribute set to properly identify and link this information.  The ERN management page below (Refer to Figure 1, below) controls all ERN related data and provides automatic updates to the Canadian ERP, SAP.











                                                                 Figure 1

As shown above these ERNs are linked to specific CAGE/Part #s which automatically link the ERNs to the applicable EIAC. These nation specific attributes would be reviewed for any large national implementation to ensure Omega tracks the applicable information.

For ERP related mandatory data OmegaPS allows for specific configuration tables to be populated which provide the controlled Lists of Values (LoVs) (Refer to Figure 2, below)















                                                                 Figure 2

For an SAP ERP implementation, OmegaPS is able to link the Master data mandatory requirements directly in OmegaPS thus enables create and change files to be provided to SAP.  These attributes enable the creation of Master Data in Material Management (MM) and Plant Maintenance (PM).



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