The unrelenting small desk fan purred hot air across Bob’s desk, threatening to send the piles of stacked documents flying around his office.  Dishevelled and tired, Bob was scanning the vast expanse of unfinished technical publication tasks when he was jarred by his vibrating cell phone.

He did not need to see the number nor hear the ring tone, the call was as obvious to him as the crackle of a basted turkey coming out of the oven. Why are you not home, the screen flashed?

Bob snatched up his cell in frustration and then paused to consider how he would respond to the same question he was asked last year.

Clumsily, he started to reply as the cell phones auto-correct feature did it’s best to further raise Bob’s ire.  Bob stabbed at his cell…

I’m teary-emoji that my company did not evaluate OneStrand’s smily-emoji amazing S1000D Publishing Suite.  I’m now stuck with a poo-emoji system that takes weeks to do anything and makes me want to sick-emoji.  Don’t get me started on the money we paid for it! crying-emoji

Bob’s phone replied with a satisfying beep as his message was sent. Relieved, Bob turned off the fan and headed for the door. Tonight, the oversold, under delivering S1000D system will need to dine alone. teary-emoji

Bob flicked off the light, locked his door and started the long march to his car. Next year, we are going to buy an S1000D Tech Pubs system that is not a poo-emoji.


Michael Halter
VP Product Development
OneStrand Inc.