With the Australia Day approaching, a long weekend is happening on Monday the 28th of January for our Sister Team from Absolute Data Group in Australia, who shared with us why its great to be Australian.

Personally, leaving the house if I lived there would become concerning after reading about the locals. And although I could use some of their heat right now in these freezing temperatures, several weeks in temperatures above 104 Fahrenheit is probably a touch warm.

But when I saw this Australia / New Zealand Lamb Advertisement, where the Aussies decided they wanted to trade their Prime Minister for New Zealand’s Prime Minister over some lamb, it became clear that lamb can fix anything, even politics!

Oh and I now understand why my Australian friends make little digs with a constant reminder that Australia is NOT Austria. Due to a tiny error in mistaking the two here in the states, my holiday package that was sent 7 weeks ago traveled to Austria (Vienna) in Europe 5 times before someone finally realized the difference between Australia and Austria! “Better late than never” says the local United States post office!

Happy Australia Day my Aussie Friends!


Melissa Pennline
OneStrand Inc.