Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to hang out on the beach with a favourite drink in my new Tumbler. When I purchased it, it sure looked like a “name brand” Tumbler, it worked like one too and over 12 hours later, I still had the ice in the Tumbler after being beach side all day at 90°F (32°C), just like the name brand Tumbler. The only difference was that it was an “affordable” brand!  I thought, “how can that be possible?” The name brand advertise that they are the only brand that can keep your drink “ice cold or piping hot longer”, so it must be true! Now that I know the truth from my own testing, I am heading to the store to buy three new affordable Tumblers for the price of one name brand Tumbler! Seems like an obvious choice, right?

Unfortunately, that is not how many seem to think when it comes to choosing the right software solution or service to support their overall organization. A colleague of mine made a valid comment about our affordable R4i Software Suite saying; “You can’t afford not to try OneStrand,” which made me think… had I not tried the affordable Tumbler to compare them firsthand, I would have thought that the other company had the best solution. Luckily, for my wallet that is no longer the case. Can you say the same about your software budget?

Just because OneStrand does not try to be as costly as our competitors, does not mean our solutions and services are less effective. Our goal is provide the right solution at an affordable price, a solution that our very own technical authoring team uses and enhances in-house daily to ensure that your end users can work efficiently.

Now that you are armed with this new pricing knowledge, we also want to be sure that you have the opportunity to evaluate our software and team of experts via our “train and try before you buy” 30 day testing plan. That way, you can validate if our affordable solution and services can support your overall requirements, as I did with my new Tumbler.

OneStrand, like my new Tumbler, is not only an affordable solution, but also an innovative one.  Of course the only way you will know for sure, is to try our Solutions and Services for yourself, firsthand!

Melissa Pennline
Business Development Manager
OneStrand LLC