OmegaPS™ Functional RCM module allows for a top down functional RCM analysis compliant with ATA MSG-3 (Refer to Figure 1, below).












                                                 Figure 1

The RCM analysis is completed on functions related to the Functional LCN structure (System or identifiers.  The analysis follows the following steps

  • Functional LCN Identification
    • Related Functions
      • Identified Functional Failures
        • Level 1 RCM disposition (Refer to Figure 2, below).












                                                Figure 2

Level 1 analysis will determine if further analysis is required and which branch to follow.
Next steps are;

  • Identify causes of failure

Level 2 RCM Analysis (Refer to Figure 3, provided below)












                                              Figure 3


If tasks are required they are summarized at the next stage (Refer to Figure 4, below)










                                               Figure 4


There are a number of reports generated to assist the analyst, manager and auditor to assess the validity of the findings.



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