This is the life, thought Bob. The sun’s shining, fishing line is bobbing and the kids are off playing.  Bob had taken his family camping for the first time, after what had been a rather challenging year for the Tech Pubs manager. He had transformed his business unit with the R4i S1000D Publishing Suite and battled the 3 ghosts of publishing past, present and future. Finally, his team drove through the challenges of COVID-19, working from home but easily accessing R4i via VPN.

Was that a tug on his line? Bob was as happy as he could be.  He knew there would be new challenges ahead, but his team would be ready. Generate Data Modules automatically from the Omega LSAR? Too easy!  Generate IPD data modules from Engineering’s PLM system? Please, give me something hard, thought Bob as he wound in a nice small mouth bass.

With a summer spring in his step, he leapt up the river bank and headed for the RV.  The summer sun warmed his back and the sound of birds filled the air. A lot of projects to be completed this year, Bob thought to himself with a smile. No problem, R4i has my back. Bob stopped briefly and thought about the bad ole days… shonky sales people, proprietary software and vapourware. A chill passed over him as the memories of missed deliveries and very unhappy customers came flooding back. Yep, OmegaPS, R4i and the Pennant team have my back!

Dad, Dad, I saw a prairie dog and an eagle and a huge deer!  Bob’s 9 year old son was bubbling with excitement as the family stormed the RV. Yep, it does not get better than this, grabbing an ice cold beer from the cooler.

It’s going to be a good year, he reflected. Even that horrible Camry is gone, replaced by a bright red Dodge RAM 1500 with a lift kit.


Bob looked at his cell. Carl from HR, this is not good.

“Hey buddy, its Carl… Yeah champ, we have a problem in Chicago. Tech Pubs team aren’t making their deliveries tiger. So, we are shipping ya down there for the year. Not good, bad technology there, but we know you will fix it. Later bro, call me, let’s do lunch!”

Bob suddenly saw crashing thunder and lightning cresting the ridge. Now the kids were screaming and fighting. As rain and hail started lashing the RV and the mud covered dog jumped onto the dinner table, Bob walked out into the torrent.

Here we go again, he yelled to the black sky, here we go again!


Michael Halter
VP Product Development
OneStrand Inc.