The CAWG (Civil Aviation Working Group) has been providing direction on the presentation of content and the preparation of the documentation compliant to their Business Rules. With R4i Binder we have a prepared XSL-FO Stylesheet that allows for the S1000D content to be output to PDF as per the Civil Aviation requirements.

In R4i Binder we can build a publication structure (chapters and sections) via the easy to use R4i Binder interface or by using a Publication Module which will automatically populate the book structure. Any additional details such as a Table of Contents (TOC) etc can also be enabled via the R4i Binder interface.

Once the book structure and stylesheet has been assigned to the book, the creation of the PDF is then ready. During this process, R4i Binder will combine all of the individual data modules into a single XML file and this is the file that the stylesheet uses to generate the PDF. As with all of the R4i Products the stylesheets used are industry standard stylesheets (XSL-FO). These non-proprietary stylesheets are what control how the PDF looks, functions and navigates when generated by R4i Binder.

To see R4i Binder generating a PDF to the CAWG specification in a few clicks, click here. If you have any questions about the Civil Aviation stylesheet or any other stylesheets that OneStrand have available, contact us.


Reeta Nye
Senior Consultant
OneStrand Inc.