Do you need to deliver S1000D compliant content to the ATA 1000BR Specification?

Don’t know where to begin?

The R4i Consulting Team are running an educational Series to help you understand what is S1000D, ATA 1000BR, and the things you need to know to ensure a successful data delivery with these five easy educational steps:

  1. The need to know S1000D for an ATA 1000BR delivery – Attend 1 x 2 hour course (course outline)
  2. Data Conversion – What our team will do to convert your content from regular MSWord documents to S1000D.
  3. Validation (what is the CAWG BREX and Schema about). The process of delivery (including PDF to the CAWG Stylesheet).
  4. What do you need to supply – The things you will need to know and supply to us to start your project.
  5. Want to control your content moving forward – Ask us how you can economically maintain your delivery yourself in the R4i AIR S1000D Hosted platform, and check out the next three-steps below.

Steps 2 to 5 above will be run as the second 1 x 2-hour session.

Sign up to this 1000BR information Series being held May 28th and 29th 2020 (dates vary depending on your timezone) and click on the register link provided directly below:

Can I deliver without the R4i Consulting Team?

You sure can!

If you have attended the workshops above and would consider delivering your S1000D data compliant to the 1000BR yourself.  These follow-on three steps provided below will give you the hands-on experience to deliver directly to the Aircraft Manufacturer:

  1. Email the R4i Consulting Team for your 30 day access to R4i Writer for S1000D authoring, R4i Media Gen Data Delivery Module and R4i Binder for creating your CAWG compliant PDF’s.
    Click here for further details.
  2. Learn how to author your S1000D Data Modules to 1000BR Business Rules in R4i Writer – Attend the 3 x 2 hour course (course Outline)
  3. Control your content moving forward – Activate your subscription to R4i AIR from just $640.63 per person/month. Contact the R4i AIR Team for further details.

Sign up to the Introduction Authoring and Publishing 1000BR Course being held 16th to 18th June 2020 (dates vary depending on your timezone) and click on the register link provided below:


We hope you can join us for these educational Authoring S1000D, ATA 1000BR information series.